Locinox, with its headquarters near Ghent (Waregem), Belgium, a distribution subsidiary in the US and Poland, designs and manufactures a full range of mechanical, electromechanical and access control solutions for the fence & gate industry (driveway sliding & swing gates for pedestrian access control).

120 employees realize a turnover of 45 mio € at 2000 customers, including companies such as Betafene and Privacon. 90% of the turnover is realized through export.
The company has been recognized in 2021 as one of Belgium’s Best Managed Companies by Deloitte/Econopolis/KU Leuven and is a 2021 winner off the “Leeuw van de export”.

Locinox focuses on quality, innovation and dynamic services whereby people make the difference. For the 10th consecutive year Locinox has a turnover growth of over 10%. Thanks to the permanent investments in engineering, product development and globalization of its sales, Locinox manages to remain at the top of its branch of industry. Professionalism, product innovation and operational excellence are no empty words! The company ensures that catalogue products are assembled-to-order and send to him/her within 24 hours after the order. Moreover, new patents are applied for every year so innovations result in a constant competitive advantage. Locinox holds more than 40 patents. Five new patents are added each year.

With an increased focus on connectivity, Locinox has developed a limited number of electronic products but is planning to expand its offering more aggressively with electronic and cloud-based solutions. Among that new development is a perimeter bus system with a chipset to enable peripheral devices to communicate to the cloud. But that vision of connected devices (e.g gates) and smart locks where you open doors & gates with your smartphone from anywhere needs further crafting and development. It is therefore that we are looking for a person who will lead the electronics strategy and defines the electronics solution architecture.

A day as...

  • You will define the solution architecture and lead new product development in electronics/ IoT / cloud /connected products
  • Together with the Product Managers, you will develop a product & manufacturing roadmap based on the electronic possibilities, ultimately producing innovative access control, electromechanical products such as smartlocks. An example of such a development within Locinox can be withnessed here:
  • Analyze new technologies and decide which one to use to integrate in the (electro)mechanical solutions.

Some examples of the past:

- Development of a gateway for the LociBus perimeter network

- Electricity consumption on batteries in combination with wireless devices

- Selecting the right long-range, low bandwidth wireless technology for building in locks

- Work with partners to integrate a fingerprint reader in a lock

- Inspire and guide R&D Electronics team towards finding an OEM partner for integrating a video-intercom into the gate access control tower.

  • Develop strategic partnerships with key technology providers and define and lead technology integration (e.g. Fingerprint reader) to provide a better value proposition for our customers ( there is only one partnership with a Ukraine provider and one with a Chinese provider).
  • Manage the entire electronic product implementation cycle (including requirements analysis, high level and detailed design, implementation, testing, integration, documentation, government certification and introduction to production and support).
  • Manage & hire a number of electronic design engineers and work closely together (functional) with a cross functional and international team that includes product management (because product manager might have a product that has both mechanical and electronics inside), test engineering, manufacturing, supply chain and quality (Locinox is a medium sized company, people are easy accessible and working together goes quite natural). The most important stakeholders are the Product Managers (3), the Project Managers Mechanics(2), the Production Manager(1) and the Manufacturing Engineers and Mechanical Designers. There is a close collaboration with Finance too.
  • Management of project execution to meet established budget, schedule, and scope (€ 100K - € 300K for average project but some electronic projects cost €1 million. Timelines depend on size and complexity of the project and could go from anywhere from 3 months to 24 months).
  • Travel one week abroad, about four times a year (typically leave Sunday noon for flight to Hong Kong, arrive 11am in factory in Shenzhen and the return flight is on Friday evening 11pm which gets you back into Brussels at 9am on Saturday).



  • Experience with the design, implementation and operation of IoT technology from device hardware and software to connectivity to data aggregation and to integration with a cloud platform and applications.
  • Experience in electronic and microcontroller design.
  • Experience with wireless and wired communication applications.
  • Experience with motor controls.
  • Demonstrated understanding of mechanical engineering and physics with the ability to apply to system modeling and /or programming.
  • Must have understanding of the complete software development lifecycle including understanding requirements gathering, software design, software design review, implementation, code review, unit testing, bench testing, automated testing, field testing, documentation, issue tracking, issue resolution and field deployment.
  • Must be capable of working independently and in a team-based environment
  • Must be able to communicate clearly, both verbally and in writing and to inspire and develop team members.
  • Strong personal presence, self-confidence and infectious sense of urgency.
  • Dutch & English communication skills

Hoe solliciteren?

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1. Take Action!

Send your resume and motivation to


2. A first introduction

Our HR Manager Margaux & our selection partner will analyze your CV & motivation letter in detail. If you can convince her, you will be invited for a first interview.


3. Technical Interview

If the previous phase went smoothly, you may meet the R&D director Kim Vanhoutte who will do a technical interview with you.


4. Final Phase

You will have the opportunity to take a look around our offices. This way you can already get to know your future team & colleagues.


5. It's time for an offer!

You will have the opportunity to meet our owner Joseph Talpe. Through the CEO Mik, you will receive a customized salary proposal upon positive completion.

Waarom Locinox?

Omdat we een gepassioneerd en talentvol team hebben, de snelheid en flexibiliteit van een KMO en de internationale spirit van een multinational. Onze producten zijn bovendien zeer aanwezig in het straatbeeld waardoor je je gemakkelijk kan identificeren met ons werk. Als Trends Gazelle zijn wij steeds op zoek naar nieuwe mensen waarmee we actief bouwen aan onze, en aan jouw toekomst; “Destiny is not a matter of chance, it’s a matter of choice. It’s not a thing to be waited for, it’s a thing to be achieved.” Join us !

Ik werk graag bij Locinox omdat je de mogelijkheden en de ruimte krijgt om je persoonlijk te ontwikkelen.  Als sales vind ik het ook belangrijk dat er jaarlijks nieuwe kwalitatieve producten bijkomen waardoor de uitdagingen groot blijven.


Ik kan grotendeels zelf instaan voor de resultaten die behaald worden. Wanneer er bv een grote besparing verwezenlijkt wordt, geeft dit een enorme ‘boost’. Ik ben hier nog niet zo lang aan de slag, maar ben uiterst verheugd.

Verheugd omdat Locinox me de kans heeft gegeven op zo’n korte periode mijn eigen manier van werken te gaan uitwerken en toe te passen. Het gevoel dat de directie vertrouwen in me heeft zorgt werkelijk voor de dagelijkse motivatie die ik nodig heb.


Internationaal aankoopmanager

Ik werk graag bij Locinox omdat we hier de nodige vrijheid krijgen om volledig te kunnen ontplooien in onze job!


Ik werk graag bij Locinox omdat het een dynamisch bedrijf is waar je elke dag nieuwe uitdagingen kunt aangaan.


Ik werk graag bij Locinox omwille van de voortdurende drive voor vooruitgang, vernieuwing en optimalisatie.


Ik werk graag bij Locinox omdat ik mezelf continu verrijk. Ik ben al jaren aan het mee zeilen in deze snel groeiende omgeving waardoor ook m’n eigen kennis- en ervaringsniveau heel snel mee evolueren.


Ik werk graag bij Locinox omdat ik in een fantastisch team zit!
Omdat Locinox kansen biedt! Omdat Locinox groeit!


Ik werk graag bij Locinox omdat mijn job me elke dag blijft uitdagen. De verantwoordelijkheid en autonomie groeiden de afgelopen 6-en-een-half jaar, wat duidt op vertrouwen en appreciatie. Bij Locinox zijn geen 2 dagen dezelfde. De tijd vliegt (soms te snel) en als je dan nog eens omringd wordt met fantastische collega’s, wat wil je dan nog meer?