Locinox DNA


100% innovation-aimed

Teamwork and team spirit

Compensations above the market average

Good work-life balance

Congestion-free & modern working environment without traffic jams

Locinox DNA


Professional working atmosphere

Job security in a sound, strong and growing company (Trends Gazellen)

International high-performance environment

Attention to self-development, training and career opportunities

Responsible entrepreneurship and sustainability

Work at Locinox

It’s no everyday experience to work at Locinox. In our company you won’t find strict hierarchical structures, but short communication channels and close partnerships amongst people and departments. A little disturbing? Kind of. Unless you know what you want and how your competences could contribute to the achievement of our scenario of the future.

At Locinox you can work in various departments, in accordance with your training, experience and interests. Our company is dynamic and fast-growing, it has an explicit vision and offers a maximal playing ground for your individual initiative. Do you want to further develop your skills? Then we want to get to know you!

Our values

Our customers are emperors, no kings
We always want long-term win-win relationships with our customers. We see them as emperors rather than kings because of the more detailed things such as our ‘ease of doing business with’ mentality, the far-driven service and all-inclusive customer care, no discussions on product guarantees, contact and documentation available in 7 languages, and always wanting a little more for our customers.

We want to be professional experts and manufacture top-class products
We do what we are best at. Through our far-driven drive and active search to become also experts in things we are less familiar with. We try to know our market like no other and we try to ensure that we give our customers the best product, the best service and the best advice.

We stimulate mutual cooperation as a driving force
Teamwork is the key to our and your success. Partnership and knowledge sharing help us to become even more innovative.

Promises, engagements and deadlines are important to us
A promise is a promise, and no effort is too big for us: customer-specific assembly on the fly, shipment within 24 hours, development of new products and their market launch after 6 months, etc.

No obstacle can prevent us from achieving our objectives
Everyone at Locinox is focused. Self-responsibility and a clear focus on the market directly lead to the anticipated results.

Open and clear communication avoid misunderstandings
Tasks and expectations are communicated in a clear and transparent way. At Locinox, there is no room for misunderstandings thanks to our open communication.

Vision & Mission

We want to be the global number 1 in the field of our greatest expertise: gate and fence hardware. Thanks to our innovative way of thinking and working, we can regularly launch new products and solutions that offer our customers a high added-value. Both for intrinsic advantages and, service and logistics. A company can only achieve this by trusting its employees to have the same values, and apply their knowledge and potentials to the maximum, both individually and in group.

I like working at Locinox because I constantly enrich myself. For many years now, I work in this fast-growing environment so my own level of knowledge and experience quickly developed along.


I like working at Locinox because of the constant drive towards progress, innovation and optimization.


I like working at Locinox because my job challenges me every day. My responsibility and autonomy increased in the past 6,5 years, which means that the company trusts and appreciates me. At Locinox, no 2 days are alike. Time flies (often too quickly), and being surrounded by fantastic colleagues, I couldn’t think of a better place to work.


I like working at Locinox because we are given a sufficient amount of freedom to completely develop ourselves in our jobs!


I like working at Locinox because you get opportunities and space to develop yourself. Being a Sales person, I consider it’s important that every year new high-quality products are added to our range so the challenges remain big.


I’m largely responsible for the results I achieve. For example, when substantial savings are generated, it gives me an enormous boost. I haven’t been working here that long now, but I’m very happy. Happy because Locinox has enabled me to develop and apply my own way of working. The feeling that the management trusts me actually gives me the daily motivation I need.


Internationaal purchase manager

I like working at Locinox because I work in a fantastic team!
Because Locinox gives you chances! Because Locinox grows!


I like working at Locinox because it’s a dynamic company where challenges must be faced on an everyday basis.