Our international German jobs

AlleR&D & EngineeringMarketing & SalesSupply chain & SourcingTechnical & ProductionFinance, IT en HR

Innovation Inhouse prototyping Precision mechanics Patents focused Product development Design Time to Market Concept Built to last Weather resistance Creative Brainstorming

Market leader Client-ease Direct & indirect sales International Business development Community marketing Branding Partnership Interactive Multi-language B2B webportal Added-value

Custom packaging Custom assembly on-the-fly 24hours shipment service Automated internal logistics Inventory Control Global Sourcing Continuous Flow Resilient Well organized Thought through Automated warehouse

Quality & quality control Outsourcing of production In-line quality control Production tooling Robotized production Accuracy 3D measurement Multiple Production Processes Precision Manufacturing

Webdesign & development IT-focused Talent development Double digit growth Career challenges Experts AX Performance driven Profitable growth